How It Works

The National Will Depository is located in Eureka, California.  We have offices located in Missoula, Montana and Washington, D.C.

How the National Will Depository works

To deposit a document in our vaults

On your request the National Will Depository will send you our prepaid envelope or box (depending on your document size and page count) to be returned to the National Will Depository with your original document.
When we receive your document, we will provide you with a certified verification of deposit that contains all the required information you need to access or retrieve your document from the depository. Your 100 year guarantee begins when we send you the certified verification of deposit.

Information the National Will Depository requires from you

In our prepaid envelope or box you will receive a lodging form that you must return with your original document. This form requires you to specify who the original document may be released to and on what conditions it will be released. You may also specify who may receive a copy of your original document.

Electronic Copies

After we have your document in our care, we will make 3 electronic copies. The electronic copies are placed on a physical storage media and sent to vaults in each of our 3 nationwide locations; Missoula, MT, Washington D.C. and Eureka, CA. Your original document will remain in one of our secure fire safes located in one of our nationwide locations. With copies of your document located in separate regions of the United States, we can offer a high level of protection and assurance that there will be a copy of your document available at any time during your 100 year guarantee providing that there is not a nationwide disaster that compromises each one of our secure locations.

Retrieving a document

You or any person or persons you designate may retrieve your original documents at any time. If at any time your original document is destroyed due to an extraordinary natural or unnatural disaster, we will provide you with a printed copy of the document with a certification from the National Will Depository verifying that the National Will Depository held your original document at the time of destruction.

In the event of an extraordinary event causing the destruction of the original document, a National Will Depository representative may be called to appear in court to present a true copy and verify that the original document was in our care at the time of destruction.

While no one can protect any original document against certain natural or unnatural disasters such as the 2001 tragic devastation of the twin towers in New York or the 2011 tsunami in Japan, our security offers the most protection for recovery of your important information.